How Branded Products Affect Customers Behavior

By now you must have heard about branding and asked your self what a brand is and what branding is. Well, brands are simply signs, names, designs, or some other attributes that help to differentiate one product or company from another. Branding in a like manner incorporates communication and marketing techniques aimed at differentiating a product or an organization from other products or companies of like categories.

Differences Between A Branded Product And An Unbranded Product

Branded Products:

These types of products are identified by their names, trusted names that when seen by customers, boost their confidence about that product because of the values offered by such product. This also comes with a high price tag as customers expectations will be met. Brand names like SAMSUNG, APPLE, NIKE, MICROSOFT, GUCCI, D&G, etc are very well known around the world for their product diversity and first-hand experience as we know it. If a sandal or a shoe has not yet been promoted and reviewed by other customers, how can one trust it?

Unbranded products:

Let us take a situation where you and another friend are to give a shoe each as gifts to a friend for his or her birthday or some other celebration. Let the brand on your shoe be GUCCI and let the shoe of your other friend be unbranded. You will notice how happy, surprise, and most of all comfortable your friend will be when you present your gift and he or she finally realize that the brand of the shoe is GUCCI. On the other hand, your friend will show appreciation but not as much as towards you and not with much surprise and comfortability as during your own gift presentation, when your other friend presents his gift. The same is true when you present your visitors with Good day cookies rather than unbranded cookies. The visitor that was given the Good day cookies will feel more comfortable, relax, and more confident than the visitor who was given unbranded cookies.

So, Yes, branded products give customers some kind of confidence boost, comfortability, assurance and other positive feelings that come with a well renowned branded products. Take note, without a name or identification on your product, customers are not sure of what to expect.